Running isn’t my Hobby, it’s my Passion


Passion is what separates us from others


The aim of this Blog is to hopefully paint a picture of the enjoyment I get from running off road ….. “Weekend” updates ….. Comments welcome.

Arun River, South Downs Trail, Barnstaple and Meon Valley Marathons run in 2015. Entered The Imber Ultra March 6th 2016 (33 miles 3,100 ft elevation)

“Your legs achieve what your mind believes” pcm2014b

 Me in my element !

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2 thoughts on “Running isn’t my Hobby, it’s my Passion

  1. Running at it’s basic level is one foot in front of the other, a simple enough task but as we all know there’s so much more to be gained than just fitness. Running in the countryside with your friends will take away any stress in your life and fill you with a combination of self fulfilment and enjoyment in equal measures. Go run in the country #justdoit !!

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